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[Erotes] Lovely Day

Someone wants the D! If you liked After School Nyan Nyan, then this one is definitely for you as this is the sequel! Don’t be shy boys and gals – there is enough room for everyone.

Lovely Day (18+)

You can already find our release on the XDCC bot and on BakaBT.



[Erotes] Injuu Gakuen La Blue Girl!

(Do not worry – this is only a precaution. The release is uncensored!)

As promised in my last post – here comes something that you all have been waiting for: 

Injuu Gakuen La Blue Girl (18+)

You can already find our release on the XDCC bot and on BakaBT.


New updates!

Hi everyone!

Since May, there have been a couple of new additions to the Erotes Team and we got ourself a new forum and a XDCC bot. All the Pages on this WP blog has now been updated and we will try to keep them up-to-date from now on (sorry about that). We have also gotten ourself a fresh new domain:!

Link to our forum:
Link to our XDCC Bot Packlist:

If you want to have a chat with us, then feel free to join our IRC channel #erotes @

Expect a lot more updates from Erotes soon!


// Catch